Bonus-Everything You Need To Know.

A bonus is an extra sum of money paid to an employee in addition to their normal wages. Bonuses are often given to employees who have performed well or achieved something special, but they can also be given as a way of rewarding all employees for their hard work.

What is the interest rate?

Balance Standard Rate Interest Rate including bonus up to £10000 is shown below. If you make a withdrawal or close your account, the standard rate of interest is paid. If you do not make a withdrawal or close your account, the interest rate will be paid in any month. The higher rate of interest will be earned if the balance is over £10000.The higher the balance, the lower the rate of interest.

Do bonuses depend on your rank?

Most first-time enlisted Soldiers join with the same starting rank. The values of initial enlistment bonuses are determined by other factors, like job specialty and how quickly you can report to Basic Combat Training. Depending on your rank and length of service, you can receive a reenlistment bonus. Commissioned officers are more likely to get bonuses during service for specialties and in-demand jobs. Some civilians with special in-demand skills can join the Army as commissioned officers.


What Is A Performance Bonus?
A performance bonus is a reward that an employee gets if they achieve a certain level of performance. Sales targets, business goals, or profits are some of the goals that can be achieved with these. People are rewarded for meeting performance goals.