Ignition-Everything You Need To Know.

Ignition is the process of starting a car's engine. It is responsible for providing the spark that ignites the fuel and starts the engine. The Ignition system is made up of a number of parts, including the spark plugs, the Ignition coil, and the distributor.

When are Ignition interlock devices required?

If you have more than one intoxication-related traffic offense on your driving record, you must have an interlock installed. During the duration of the limited or restricted driving privilege, the Ignition interlock must be maintained. There are other requirements that may be imposed by a court. For a minimum of six months, any person with a second or subsequent intoxication-related traffic offense will be required to use an interlock device. A court may impose a period longer than six months.


What is the schedule?
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What is the application process?
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When will my driver's license be reinstated?
You can contact the Missouri Department of Revenue if you have questions about your limited driving privilege, license reinstatement date, or any other driver's license related inquires.